Capturing our Coast
As climate change and pollution tightens its grip on species’ counts, there is a growing, almost urgent, need to systematically monitor the rocky shoreline environment.  Casual records are very useful for those with tools to collate and analyse them but systematic surveys give experts the data to form accurate opinion which, in turn, may help governments make decisions about investment and protection.

Attending a free course, lasting about 6 hours, will give you the confidence to carry out small-scale surveys, which can be quickly uploaded to the Website.  It’s an easy process, requiring only enthusiasm and fair weather. You’ll get good advice, a proper half-metre quatrat frame, a high quality 30m tape measure, a clipboard and detailed ID support packs – all to keep for free and without pressure to promise anything.

You’ll get masses of support from the Scottish coordinator Dr. Hannah Grist, who is based in Oban. To join a Training Day or find out more, email or visit the website for further information.

A quadrat in place - complete with Curled Octopus!

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