The rare fungus
Lasiobotrys lonicerae
One of the fungi featured in the Kew 'Lost and Found Fungi' project is Lasiobotrys lonicerae.  It appears as black lumpy spots on the leaves of Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle leaves can display a wide range of marks, but this fungus is very distinctive.  Very
black, shiny, slightly raised, and with the clearly lumpy surface.  These characteristics can easily be seen with a lens.  Other marks, which may be matt black, white or brownish, irregular in shape, and sunken, are not Lasiobotrys.  If in doubt, keep a leaf or take a photograph.

If you find it, please take a 10-figure grid reference if possible, and provide a detailed description of the location of the infected plant, perhaps with a photograph of the setting.

It is often abundant on a particular plant, but absent on others within a few metres
Lasiobotrys lonicerae Lasiobotrys lonicerae Lasiobotrys lonicerae
The rare fungus Lasiobotrys lonicerae on Honeysuckle.
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