The HBRG taxon records database
HBRG holds a large database of taxon records built up over many years.  As result of grants from Scottish Natural Heritage since 2004, we have transferred all of the dataset held at IMAG on Recorder 3 to Recorder 2002 and now to Recorder 6, and copied to a custom Microsoft Access database.

Most of our data have been placed on NBN Atlas with full public access.  With the exception of some confidential records, these data are available to all, although a fee may be charged for searching the database (terms and conditions, .pdf, 37Kb).  The fee will be waived for non-commercial searches.  Enquiries may be addressed to the .

The metadata and some summary information are available in these .pdf downloads:

Datasets on the database (16KB, 3 pages)
Breakdown by species (603KB, 175 pages)
Breakdown by 100km square (8KB, 2 pages)
Breakdown by 10km square (50KB, 19 pages)
Summary of designated species (437KB, 22 pages)
Summary of invasive species (10KB, 1 pages)
The page which had more details of, and allowed easy access to, our datasets is now non-functional.  To understand why, click here.
This project is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage
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with contributions from RSPB, The Highland Council, National Trust for Scotland, Trees for Life.

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