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We are glad to be able to say that EasyMaps has been replaced.  Our thanks to Duncan Rowland of NBN for rapid remediation of a problem that threatened much of our site.

It has become obvious that the database underlying the infant NBN Atlas has been seriously corrupted, many records having been transferred with inappropriate dates and species codes.  At least some of the species code problems seem to have been corrected, but vague dates are still showing errors.  As far as we know, most of the maps shown in
TRY!, Focus on Highland Wildlife, and the bumblebee atlas update are valid.  However, until NBN carries out appropriate repairs, it would be prudent to apply independent checks before drawing fixed conclusions.  If blank maps appear, it is likely to be a result of the corruption, and should be ignored.

The 'Access NBN data' page has now been re-designed to allow quick and direct access to Atlas maps for selected species.

Phymatocera aterrima larvae

Photo © Murdo Macdonald.
The Solomon's Seal Sawfly.

If you grow Solomon's Seal in your garden and wonder why it turns skeletal in mid-summer, this is the culprit - the Solomon's Seal Sawfly
Phymatocera aterrima.

The adults have just appeared (24 May), and to find out what happens next, read more ...   Back to the top.

The Summer Challenge - find a House-fly.

Time to think of our summer challenge, and to start, here is a reminder of the need to discover more about the House-fly
Musca domestica.  The past two years have produced several records across our area, but it is clearly a very scarce fly in the country as a whole.  Read more ...   Back to the top.

Musca domestica

Photo © Alvegaspar, source.


Photo © James Scott, CC0 1.0, source.
The Whisky Fungus.

A very interesting fungus which thrives on alcohol vapours - the Whisky Fungus
Baudoinia compniacensis - has slipped under the radar of mycologists for a long time. As the name suggests, we should have a proprietary interest here in Highland, and we are putting some effort into determining its distribution.

The developing map Map shows what we know so far (correct to 3 May 2017).

Read more ...   Back to the top.

Capturing our Coast.

If you have ever wanted to know more about the fascinating wildlife of our seashores, here is a big opportunity to learn from experts and help to expend our knowledge.  Read more ...   Back to the top.


Photo © Derek Mayes

TRY chart TRY! - The Recorder's Year.

If the seashore is not your thing, there is plenty to look out for on dry land with our TRY! feature.  This is designed to encourage recording of easy-to-recognise, but largely under-recorded species in Highland, with something to find with little effort in most months of the year.

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