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Feb. Red Stonefly   VC105-106 fungi

Brachyptera putata

Photo © Gus Jones.
The Northern February Red Stonefly.

Take part in the Buglife survey for
Brachyptera putata, a Scottish speciality.  Details are here.

Some of our members looked for it last year with considerable success. The technique involves looking for the insects on fenceposts by a river, and taking a picture for confirmation.  Stewart Taylor has already found it active on the Spey in January.

Please remember to report any finds to HBRG as well as to Buglife.  Back to the top.

Ross-shire Fungus Survey

Bruce Ing is coming to the end of a marathon study, documenting the fungi and slime-moulds that occur in Vice-counties 105 and 106 (West Ross and East Ross).  Fieldwork will end in 2018, so we have several months to find some more species for the lists.  Bruce's progress report is here (.pdf file), and you will see that the hardest challenge will be to get into the small part of NH12 that lies in Ross.  Elsewhere, there is plenty opportunity to make new finds - potentially even in your garden.  These little black spots on leaves, or the hoary mist of mildew, might be far more interesting than you imagine.  In the last year, over 100 species were added to each VC list.  Let's see if we can add another 100 to each in 2018!  Back to the top.

Amanita muscaria

Photo © Michael Maggs, 

Feb. Red Stonefly   VC105-106 fungi
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