HBRG Data on NBN Gateway
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Investigate taxon groups and species lists for a hectad, and, if you are logged in as a Gateway user, download records (the link opens in a new window); or display maps of species richness in the HBRG datasets.

Only selected taxon groups are listed here, and the grid squares offered relate only to those covering the Highland Council area.  For other options go direct to the Gateway.

For full details of the datasets on the Gateway, click here.

Display taxon groups, or species within a group, for a hectad
(all datasets on NBN Gateway):
Select the 100km square (Highland area only):
Select the easting (first digit):
Select the northing (second digit):
Select the taxon group:
Display map of species richness
(HBRG data only):

Fungi, Lichens, Lower Plants

Cotula alpina (single species)

Highland Seashore Project


P.F. Entwistle dataset

Other invertebrates

Badgers (single species)

Vertebrates (not Badger)