HBRG Data on the NBN Atlas
Please read the warning about the current state of the NBN Atlas here.
We are providing a quick way to view maps direct from the NBN Atlas through this page.  Because of limitations of space, we can deal with only the smaller and more popular groups through the website, but can provide Excel spreadsheets, or for the real specialist an Access database, for larger groups.

For other options go direct to the NBN Atlas

For full details of the HBRG datasets on the Atlas, click here.

The links below offer one-click access to the maps for HBRG records in Highland, all records in Highland, and all records in the UK and Ireland, direct from the Atlas database.  The UK map may take some seconds to load.  We intend to expand the options over time.  If you want your own group of interest to be featured, or want the Access database, or have any comments on this feature, contact .

There is also an option to view the record details on the Atlas website (opens in a new browser tab), from where you can do further filtering and analysis by clicking the relevant squares on the map displayed.  We hope to be able to develop this in future, recognising that the current method is far from ideal.

To obtain TVKs (the 16 character species identifiers used by the Atlas), visit this page.  You can then build your own links flexibly to suit your requirements.

Groups available through the HBRG website.
Freshwater Fish Amphibians & reptiles Terrestrial Mammals (incl. seals)
  Marine Mammals (excl. seals)  

Beeflies Blowflies Bumblebees, Ants, Social Wasps
Butterflies Carrion Beetles - Silphidae Craneflies - Tipulidae
Dagger-flies - Empididae Dragonflies Grasshoppers
Harvestmen Horseflies - Tabanidae Ladybirds
Shieldbugs St Mark's Fly etc. - Bibionidae Thick-headed Flies - Conopidae

Groups available in Excel: right-click and download the file.
All marine species Spiders  

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