Focus on Highland Wildlife
Focus on Highland Wildlife attempts to bring together all the information we have about certain groups of wildlife in Highland in summary form, and with more background information than is possible from just maps and charts.

The intention is to add to the groups treated over time.

The pages display information, maps, images, phenology charts and links to relevant resources.

Anyone wishing to compile material on their favourite wildlife group should contact the .  No web skills are needed - just provide text, pictures and links.

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1. Thick-headed flies Conopidae 10. Horseflies Tabanidae
2. Grasshoppers and Groundhoppers Acrididae and Tetrigidae 11. Ground-beetles Carabus and Cychrus
3. St Mark's Fly and allies Bibionidae 12. Three scarce lichens Solorina, Peltigera
4. Two rare spiders Araneae 13. Sexton- and carrion-beetles Nicrophorus, Necrodes, Oiceoptoma
5. Cluster-fly and allies Pollenia 14. Longhorn beetles Cerambycidae
6. Beeflies Bombyliidae 15. Invasive Non-native Species INNS
7. Solitary bees Andrena, Colletes and Osmia 16. Greenbottles Lucilia
8. Social wasps Vespinae 17. Jellyfish Cnidaria - Scyphozoa
9. Blowflies Calliphora, Cynomya, Protophormia and Protocalliphora