Our 'greenbottles' include several species in 3 different families: Gymnocheta viridis (Tachinidae); Neomyia cornicina, Eudasyphora cyanella and E. cyanicolor (Muscidae); and five species of Lucilia (Calliphoridae).  This item refers in detail only to Lucilia.  All are medium-sized with metallic green bodies.  The genera are easily distinguished but species are much trickier to separate, usually involving a microscope and dissection of the genitalia.

Lucilia larvae feed in carrion and excrement and sometimes as parasites on live tissue (sheep strike).  As with other blowflies, Lucilia spp. are important in forensic investigations, the development of larvae and pupae giving information on time and location of death.  Adults are frequently found basking on leaves and walls as well as at potential breeding sites, and will feed at a variety of flowers.