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Some snippets of interest
  • We still need records for our Wasp Atlas, so please report any that you find.  Bodies or full-face images will be needed in most cases for confirmation.  Records from the more remote and under-recorded parts are especially valuable.  Current maps are here.
  • If you want to cultivate an interest in lacewings and their allies - we could do with some more folk doing them - check out the revitalised Neuro News newsletter page.
  • I recently reported our first find of the aphid Macrosiphum rosae on roses in Strathpeffer, something with no Scottish records on NBN Atlas.  We now know of it from Ardgour and Ullapool as well, so please check any roses you encounter.  Large, red or green, with long black siphunculi make them distinctive.  See the Influential Points profile for images. 
  • If you have the Solmon's Seal Sawfly in your garden the leaves will already have disappeared.  Let us know if your flower-bed looks strangely empty where some large leaves were before.  Scroll down this page for details.
  • It is turning out to be a good year for Bee-beetle Trichius fasciatus.  All details are here, and you can download a paper analysing our records from our website (.pdf, 1.2MB).
  • Following a BBC request to film the Wood-ant Spider (Dipoena torva) for Springwatch, Stewart Taylor decided to try and see how common or otherwise the spider is.  He found it quite regularly despite its small size, and it would be helpful to know more about its distribution in Highland.  Details and photos are available here to help with identification.  Currently, there are only 9 records on NBN Atlas, all in Highland.

The HBRG Social Wasp Atlas project

Please assist with our continuing atlas project, mapping the distribution of our social wasps.

All the information you need is here.

Anyone can help with this, whether just collecting dead wasps from your house or garden,
or becoming competent at identifying the different species.

Please look out for the Tree Bumblebee Bombus hypnorum which has this spring at last become established around the Inverness / East-Ross area with several reports already this year, including nesting in Inverness.  Details are here, and the map opposite shows how it has colonised Scotland since 2013. B. hypnorum in Scotland
B. hypnorum 
© Jan Ove Gjershaug.

The first adult Solomon's Seal Sawflies of the year have appeared in my garden.  This is one of our TRY! targets - all the details are here.  It must be more widely distributed in Highland than the map (R) suggests.  Give it a couple of months and even if you miss the adults all doubt will be removed once the voracious larvae get chomping (below). SSSmap
© Murdo Macdonald

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