Access Data on the NBN Atlas
These pages allow easy access to maps and records on the NBN Atlas, often tailored to our local HBRG interests.

If you are logged in as an Atlas user, you can download records or lists.

Only selected taxon groups are listed here, and the grid squares available for species lists relate only to those covering the Highland Council area.  For other options go direct to the Atlas.  Any OS grid is valid for the display of records.

For full details of the HBRG datasets on the Atlas, click here.

There are two pages.  This one is based on geography (OS grid squares).  Pages open in the Atlas site, where you can filter and download as desired. 

To see maps and records for individual species, use this page.

To display a species list for a hectad (10km square):
Enter hectad (e.g. NH12):     
Any invalid hectad entered will default to NB90.
Select the taxon group:      
If you select a taxon group with no records in the hectad, the page will 'hang'.  Choose 'All Species' as a safe option.

To display records for a hectad (10km square):
Enter hectad (e.g. NH12):   

To display records for a monad (1km square):
Enter monad (e.g. NH1324):

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