The HBRG Bumblebee Atlas - Current maps


This page shows the current maps of HBRG bumblebee data direct from NBN Atlas.

Records from 1990-2005 plotted in the atlas are shown in the left-hand map in blue.  Those from 1990 to present are in the right-hand map in green.

Only HBRG records on the NBN Atlas are included (HBRG Insects Dataset).  The dataset is normally updated twice annually.

Apparent changes in distribution outside Highland should be treated with caution as recording effort there has been very limited.  Only expansion in range will be apparent - contraction will not show up in this display.

Bombus soroeensis Broken-belted
Bombus lucorum s.l. White-tailed
Bombus cryptarum White-tailed
Bombus magnus N. White-tailed
Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed
Bombus jonellus Heath
Bombus monticola Bilberry
Bombus pratorum Early
Bombus hypnorum Tree
Bombus lapidarius Red-tailed
Bombus hortorum Garden
Bombus muscorum Moss Carder
Bombus pascuorum Common Carder
Bombus distinguendus Great Yellow
Bombus bohemicus Gypsy Cuckoo
Bombus campestris Field Cuckoo
Bombus sylvestris Forest Cuckoo

The National Biodiversity Network records from the HBRG Insects Dataset are shown on the maps above. (See terms and conditions).

HBRG and the NBN Trust bear no responsibility for any further analysis or interpretation of the information in the maps.

We acknowledge the help of Jim Bacon (CEH) and Duncan Rowland (NBN) in adapting the Easy Maps Widget for our needs.

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