European Life-long Learning Grundtvig Exchange

During 2013-14, HBRG was part of an exchange programme with organisations in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. Members have visited each of our partners and seen some fascinating wildlife.

You can see photographs from the four European exchanges on our joint Facebook page.

The partnership was funded through the European Life Long Learning Grundtvig Programme which allowed us to send 12 HBRG members on the trips, and paid for their expenses. Each trip included at least four days in the field. From HBRG, members were able to bring specialist knowledge particularly in entomology, botany and herpetology.

The project looked at three topics: biodiversity, landscapes and naturalness.  We also developed a Landscape Assessment methodology (.pdf, 1.5MB).
Salamandra atra

Alpine salamander
Salamandra atra, Slovenia
Photo © David O'Brien.
Glis glis

Edible Dormouse
Glis glis, Slovenia
Photo © Stephen Moran.
HBRG in Poland

HBRG participants in Poland.

Photo © Kovacs Tibor.
We have formed some lasting friendships and cooperation between the five societies looks set to continue. Each partner organised one training action at locations specific to their countries:
  • Pannonian low hill habitat in Baranya county near Cserkút village in Hungary;
  • a Carpathian floodplain area in Turulung, close to Satu Mare in Romania;
  • a Mediterrainian karst area in Slovenia;
  • a continental floodplain area in Chorzępowo, near Sieraków town, Wielkopolska region, Poland;
  • and the final event was hosted by HBRG around Kyle of Lochalsh.
The HBRG event was coordinated by the hosting committee: Babs Macritchie, Janet Ullman, Jeanette Hall, David McAllister, Stephen Moran and David O’Brien.
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