TRY! - the Recorder's Year

'The Recorder's Year' features species to be looked for from spring through the year.

TRY! targets, and their main seasons
  Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Tree Bumblebee                        
Willow-herb Psyllid bug                        
Solomon's Seal Sawfly                        
Bird Cherry Fungal Gall                        
Honeysuckle Rash                        
Shieldbug Fly                        
Spiked Shieldbug                        
Oak Knopper Gall                        
Daddy Long-legs Spider                        
Painted Woodlouse                        
Beech Scale                        
New Zealand Flatworm                        

Links in the table are to .pdf files which can be printed out at A5 size for easy use in the field.  Right-click and choose 'Save target as ...' or the equivalent in your browser to save them.  You can also download the entire set in one file.

Records can be submitted in various ways - see the Submitting records page.  If in doubt, take a photograph or a sample and pass it to one of the HBRG Committee for confirmation. 

So, over the next year TRY! to find each of the targets.  Some will be in your garden, others on your favourite walk, some you may not find until you take a trip to another part of the area, but all should be within the abilities of anyone to find and identify.  Even if you don't find the target, you will almost certainly come on much that is new, and maybe even more exciting. Then, please remember to report what you find.

You can see how TRY! has improved our knowledge of Highland wildlife over the years on this page.  As well as distribution, we have also accumulated data on phenology and ecology.

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